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Our mission is to provide one of the most pure, naturally enriched glacial clays available on the market today, while maintaining and developing meaningful long term relationships built on ethical business practices and integrity.

At Glacial Bay Organic Clay Inc., we believe in protecting the environment. We strive to maintain the healthy Eco-systems that we harvest our glacial marine clay from to the fullest of our natural abilities. It is extremely important to us that we keep the process of harvesting our glacial marine clay, from beginning to end, as pure and as environmentally responsible as we can. This ensures that the glacial marine clay our customers receive is in the most pure and un-tampered form possible!

Our clay greatly exceeds worldwide regulations for minimal heavy metals, making our deposits very rare and unique. As the clay is harvested from our own deposits, we are able to sell directly from the source to our customers which is reflected in our pricing.

Although our deposits are large enough to supply a worldwide market, our company policy is to harvest in a sustainable manner. Therefore, we set yearly harvestable quotas that do not exceed the natural replenishment rate. We believe this quota system allows for the natural replenishment of clay in a manner that is respectful to the environment and the wildlife living therein.


  • Sustainable and renewable resources, replenished annually
  • Hand harvested, solar dried and hand processed to ensure consistency
  • Depth of mining claims allow for harvest rotation
  • Zero carbon footprint in processing clay


  • Pristine environment far from civilization on west coast of Canada
  • Ultra-fine, extremely small clay particle size
  • Located under an active glacier with unique rock composition
  • Unique marine environment that encases the clay
  • Rare find of clay, not duplicable in the world
  • High negative ionic charge (bonds better to toxins)
  • Low heavy metals, abundant trace minerals
  • Alternate uses for the clay to heal skin conditions and more


  • Cooperation with local Indigenous First Nations
  • Redundancy of mining claims (safeguard resource)
  • Depth of mining claims
  • One of only two mining permits authorized to export the clay product nationally and internationally

You can buy our glacial marine clay in retail sizes in our online glacial clay shop. We also offer wholesale glacial clay quantities for cosmetic formulators and healthcare companies.

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