Glacial Bay's Marine Clay - Hand Harvested in British Columbia, Canada

Found in a remote region of coastal British Columbia, our unique and rare deposits of glacial marine clay are unlike any other as they are located beneath a live and active glacier, rather than in an area where glaciers existed tens of thousands of years ago. Over time, the erosion and glacial run off carry vast deposits of precious minerals down river to settle in the estuaries along the Coastal Region of British Columbia. Throughout the journey the minerals are energized through the process of hydrolysis which creates a negative electrical charge. It is this negative charge along with the  essential nutrients that gives this particular clay its powerful natural healing properties.

In addition, Glacial Bay’s marine clay deposits are inter-tidal and submerged in clean Pacific seawater 75% of the time, they are refreshed with micro-nutrients from marine phytoplankton on a daily basis, which has proven to be very beneficial for skin and body care. Test results show that our clay has a neutral pH balance of 6.9 which is desirable for many different applications. Also, it has been proven through Certificates of Analyses (lab reports) that our clay possesses remarkably high levels of beneficial minerals in conjunction with low heavy metals, the combination of which is ideal for skin and hair product formulations, detoxification and chelation, and many other skin and body care uses.


The term glacial marine clay is used quite frequently and is sometimes misinterpreted or confused with glacial clay.

Glacial marine clay is a product of erosion caused by the movement and melting of glaciers. The eroded minerals and elements make their way into the streams and rivers created by the glaciers and the very fine particles are suspended in the water and carried downstream until they reach the ocean.

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These particles are what cause the color of the water in the area of glaciers to be bluish-green in color. Once exiting the faster flowing water of the rivers and streams, most of these particles will be deposited into the inlets and along the shorelines. The heavier particles will settle in the faster moving current of the streams, only leaving the lighter mineral-rich material to flow into the inlets.

Once settled outside the streams and in the ocean over time, these particles will form a deposit and become a very dense and hard-packed layer that is harvested (when the tides permit) in the shallower water.

This hard-packed layer will not allow vegetation to grow within it or any crustaceans to survive in it. Therefore, no habitat is being affected by harvesting the clay. However, phytoplankton, which are miniscule free floating plant material, are found in abundance within our clay deposits. This phytoplankton enriches the clay and is very beneficial. Non-marine glacial clay deposits do not benefit from daily phytoplankton replenishment/enrichment and nor do glacial marine clay deposits that are being harvested from ancient sea beds that no longer exist.

Glacial Bay’s marine clay is glacial marine clay found along the coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean and is submerged and replenished daily with the coming and going of tides. Although other active glacial marine clay deposits are available in limited numbers, not all are accessible for harvest (ie; the deposits are located in areas of the ocean that are not accessible at low tide). In addition, what we feel makes our clay unique is its remote location(s) and exceptionally low heavy metal counts that meet all government regulations.

In contrast to glacial marine clay, glacial clay is clay formed in the same manner however the particles have settled in areas of streams, rivers, and lakes before reaching the sea, not having contact with any marine nutrients.

Glacial clay is much more abundant but can have tremendous amounts of sand and grit that needs to be screened out as, generally, the finer particles go down stream and the larger grains settle.

Glacial marine clay can only be a superior product if the region of erosion can supply large amounts of minerals and elements that are required for good health and well being. Glacial Bay Organic Clay’s deposits have large amounts of these key ingredients making it one of the purest and most highly enriched clays available on the market today.


The 5 elements classified as heavy metals are Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury and Antimony. Government regulations prohibit these metals in cosmetics and can only be allowed in trace amounts if they cannot be removed. For more information, Click Here

These metals are naturally occurring substances within the earth’s crust and, depending on the geological location, may be in higher amounts than in other locations. These metals may be surfaced due to volcanic activity or movements or shifts in the earth’s crust.

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There also may be higher concentrations of these naturally occurring heavy metals in the vicinity of fossil fuels such as oil, gas, and coal, as well as gold field deposits and other common substances. Therefore, a clay deposit may have little or no heavy metals on the surface but could possibly have higher amounts below the surface, depending upon the earth’s activity at the time it was deposited (ie; 2 meters below the surface may have been deposited 10,000 years ago and a layer of volcanic ash may have settled and raised the Arsenic levels for that period).
Then there is the human factor. Any areas of industrial use can be much higher in heavy metal content due to the chemicals, paints and other toxins being released and those areas will remain contaminated for many, many years, if not forever. Glacial Bay Organic Clay Inc. has done core drilling at various depths throughout its deposits before marketing its clay to determine the purity of the clay and to avoid any heavy metal contamination. This ensures a quality product that will meet Government regulations.

We are very fortunate to report that the laboratory results proved to us that our clay had very little variation in heavy metals, regardless of the depth. However, we did determine that some locations had slightly higher amounts and although these amounts are well under Government Regulations, we choose to harvest in our lowest heavy metal count areas.
We do not want to risk any possibility of filling an order only to have it re-analyzed by our customers to find out it does not meet regulations. Nor do we want to put our distributors at risk of having to recall our product.
Glacial Bay Organic Clay Inc. will guarantee that the clay ordered will match the COA (Certificate of Analysis) + or – 0.5 ppm (parts per million), provided that the clay is returned and a new independent analysis is done. Results may vary between laboratories, depending on the method used for the analysis. To date, we have not had any of our clay returned, for any reason.

After every extraction of raw clay, the clay is dried, powdered, and thoroughly mixed. An analysis is performed enabling us to get a very accurate reading of the minerals and metals of that particular lot.


There are a vast assortment of common and unconventional uses for glacial marine clay and more benefits and uses are reported every day. Our clay is in its purest form with nothing added and without harsh processing procedures. With the techniques that we use to produce our clay, we are a popular choice with natural skin and healthcare companies, soap-makers and researchers.We process our clay to a particle size similar to that of plant pollen, allowing it to deeply penetrate the pores of your skin. This particle size allows for skin product formulations that include foundations, bb creams, mineral makeup, lip gloss, facial masks, antiperspirants, toners, moisturizers, and cleansers, to name a few. Spa applications include facial masks, body wraps, body and foot scrubs, mineral baths, etc. 

Positively charged bacteria is attracted to the negative ion charge of our clay which can help with deep cleansing, detoxification, rejuvenation and revitalization, bringing your skin to a new radiance. The clay has also been found to help with reducing the effects of burns, cuts, stings, nettles, insect bites, and hot spots on pets.  Our glacial marine clay is popular as an additive for soap-making, shampoos and toothpastes.

Holistic healers are currently using our clay for applications such as colonics, chelation (for heavy metals and radiation), detoxification, and stomach disorders.  Our glacial marine clay can also help with clearing acne, removing dead skin cells, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing the signs of eczema and rosacea (along with other common skin disorders), whitening the skin and improving circulation.


“I am a Naturopath who specializes in detoxing and I have recently started using Glacial Bay Clay instead of Bentonite clay in my daily practice. The results have been beyond incredible! The quality and purity of the product is far beyond anything else on the market. I have used the clay externally as a skin paste and internally as an additive when I administer colonics. I find it chelates toxins and heavy metals quickly and easily without any adverse side effects”

Don Ward, InnerGlow Wellness Centre Nanaimo, B.C.

Glacial Bay Organic Clay Inc. makes no claims, direct or implied, as to medical applications and results derived from using our clay.


Our Mission: To provide one of the most pure, naturally enriched clays available on the market today, while maintaining and developing meaningful long term relationships built on ethical business practices and integrity.

At Glacial Bay Organic Clay Inc., we believe in protecting the environment. We strive to maintain the healthy Eco-systems that we harvest our glacial marine clay from to the fullest of our natural abilities. It is extremely important to us that we keep the process of harvesting our glacial marine clay, from beginning to end, as pure and as environmentally responsible as we can. This ensures that the glacial marine clay our clients receive is in the most pure and un-tampered form possible!

Our clay greatly exceeds worldwide regulations for heavy metals, making our deposits very rare and unique. As the clay is harvested from our own deposits, we are able to sell directly from the source to our customers which is reflected in our pricing.

Although our deposits are large enough to supply a worldwide market, our Company policy is to harvest in a sustainable manner. Therefore, we set yearly harvestable quotas that do not exceed the natural replenishment rate. We believe this quota system allows for the natural replenishment of clay in a manner that is respectful to the environment and the wildlife living therein.


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