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Our Clay

Glacial Marine Clay, Engineered by Nature

Found in a remote region of coastal British Columbia, our unique and rare deposits of glacial marine clay are unlike any other as they are located beneath a live and active glacier, rather than in an area where glaciers existed tens of thousands of years ago.

Over time, the erosion and glacial run off carry vast deposits of precious minerals down river to settle in the estuaries along the Coastal Region of British Columbia. Throughout the journey the minerals are energized through the process of hydrolysis which creates a negative electrical charge. It is this negative charge along with the  essential nutrients that gives this particular clay its powerful natural healing properties.

Our glacial marine clay deposits are inter-tidal and submerged in clean Pacific Ocean seawater 50% of the time. They are refreshed with micro-nutrients from marine phytoplankton on a daily basis which has been proven to be very beneficial for skin and body care.

Uses and Benefits

There are a vast assortment of common and unconventional uses for glacial marine clay and more benefits and uses are reported every day. Our clay is in its purest form with nothing added and without harsh processing procedures. With the techniques that we use to produce our clay, we are a popular choice with natural skin and healthcare companies, soap-makers and researchers.

We process our clay to a particle size similar to that of plant pollen, allowing it to deeply penetrate the pores of your skin. This particle size allows for skin product formulations that include:

  • Foundations
  • BB creams
  • Mineral makeup
  • Lip gloss
  • Facial masks
  • Antiperspirants
  • Toners
  • Moisturizers
  • And cleansers, to name a few.

Spa applications include:

  • Facial masks
  • Body wraps
  • Body and foot scrubs
  • Mineral baths etc. 

Positively charged bacteria is attracted to the negative ion charge of our clay which can help with deep cleansing, detoxification, rejuvenation and revitalization, bringing your skin to a new radiance. The clay has also been found to help with reducing the effects of burns, cuts, stings, nettles, insect bites, and hot spots on pets.  Our glacial marine clay is popular as an additive for soap-making, shampoos and toothpastes.

Holistic healers are currently using our clay for applications such as colonics, chelation (for heavy metals and radiation), detoxification, and stomach disorders. Our glacial marine clay can also help with clearing acne, removing dead skin cells, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing the signs of eczema and rosacea (along with other common skin disorders), whitening the skin and improving circulation.

You can buy our glacial marine clay in retail sizes in our online glacial clay shop. We also offer wholesale glacial clay quantities for cosmetic formulators and healthcare companies.

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